My London Bucket List

It's official! This March, I'll be winding down my stay in London and returning stateside. We've had an amazing time here, but 'Murica has been and always will be our home. Not only will March mark our 2 year anniversary in London, it'll also be my last month at Google. After 6 amazing years, I've finally decided to call it quits. I'm trading in my nap pods and free lunches for the "glamorous" life of a small business owner. I've learned so much and worked with so many amazing people, but I can't wait for the adventure ahead. 

Reality hasn't quite settled in just yet considering it's still a few months away (employees are expected to give 3 months notice in the UK). For now, I just want to make the most of my final few months living in London. There are so many amazing places to visit and things to do in this city. I feel like we've hardly scratched the surface. With that in mind, we've come up with a bucket list of must do's before we leave. Some are pretty obvious, others are more obscure. Regardless, all of them have made London the one-of-a-kind, world-class city it is today!

Must Do

Arguably, no city in the world offers as many diverse attractions as London. From Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to Tate Modern and the British Museum, the options are truly endless. Even if we were to live here for the rest of our lives, I doubt we'd be able to see everything. With limited time left in London, we've selected a few "must do's":

  • Explore Richmond Park: I just wish we hadn't waited until the depths of winter to visit the largest of London's Royal Parks. 
  • Tour Kew Gardens: Another destination we should have visited much sooner. At least we can escape the cold by exploring the indoor tropical greenhouse. 
  • Climb to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral: One of the largest cathedrals in the world also happens to offer one of the best skyline views in London. 
  • Watch a movie at Electric Cinema: Food, champagne and leather reclining sofas? Not a bad way to catch a movie. 
  • River cruise on the Thames: Catch a unique view of London en route to Greenwich. 
  • Ride the Emirates Air Line: No, we won't be flying to Dubai on Emirates. This scenic cable car takes riders from Greenwich to the Royal Docks and back. 
  • Catch a concert at The Royal Albert Hall: I was lucky enough to snag tickets to watch one of my favorite bands, CHVRCHES, perform at The Royal Albert Hall on March 31st. Can't imagine a better way to cap off our time in London! 

You might be surprised to see no museums on our list. Thankfully, we've managed to to visit many of London's world-class museums. When nearly all of them are free to enter, museums are pretty easy attractions to check off the list!


Must Eat

For the first few months in London, we were pretty disappointed in the food scene. All that changed once Michael discovered Hot Dinners. Disregarding the awkward name, this food blog has been absolutely indispensable in guiding us around London's best culinary experiences. Assuming we can actually score a reservation, here are a few more restaurants we're eager to try. If we manage to get into all of them, we'll have successfully blown all our remaining savings. Yay!  


Must Drink

This is the category where we've probably fallen the shortest. Outside a handful of amazing hotel bars and local pubs, we're really not all that well-versed in London's dynamic bar scene. I guess it's time to drink up! 

  • Dukes Bar: This London institution has long been recognized for serving up the city's best martinis.
  • BYOC: Bring your favorite bottle of alcohol and the bartenders will concoct a variety of inventive cocktails. 
  • Happiness Forgets: Proof that London can match NYC when it comes to tiny, hipster, basement cocktail bars. 
  • The Spaniards Inn: Historic pub just outside of Hampstead Heath