On Safari

After 5 days in Cape Town, we flew to Hoedspruit - the starting point of our 4 day safari in the South African bush. We opted to stay at 2 different game reserves to diversify the experience and increase our likelihood of seeing each of the big 5. Needless to say, we had an amazing time. I initially thought I would get bored of going on 3 hour long game drives twice a day, but I found myself completely spellbound the entire time. The imminent possibility of spotting a leopard or lion in the wild was exhilarating.  Below are some photos from our safari adventures! 


Our first stop was Vuyani Safari Lodge in the Moditlo Private Game Reserve. The laid-back property is comprised of a handful of thatch roof houses and an infinity pool in the common area for guests. Everything about the property is homey and communal, so guests get plenty of opportunities to mingle and get to know one another. We had an eventful evening game drive on our first day, including a cheetah sighting, rhino bath and a close encounter with a female lion. 


Kapama Karula

Kapama Karula marries rustic and modern design so effortlessly. The lodge itself is worth the steep price of admission. It has a completely different, much more private, vibe compared to Vuyani. Guest houses are the epitome of luxury, each with its own plunge pool, outdoor shower and spacious living room. We thoroughly enjoyed each of our game drives and managed to spot dozens of lions over our 2 day stay. 


Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre

In addition to our time at Kapama and Vuyani, we took a short excursion to the nearby Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre. The organisation focuses on rehabilitating injured or abandoned animals in hopes of ultimately re-introducing them to the wild. It's sad to see the impact that humans have had on the once abundant wildlife in Africa. Ongoing urbanization and hunting have dramatically decreased the region's population of leopards, rhinos and lesser known spece species like the pangolin.