Michael's Greece

As told by Michael...

I traveled to the small Greek village of Skoura 2 weeks ago. Prior to that, the last time I visited was 10 years earlier. Not much has changed. It's a self-sustaining village largely unaffected by the economic and political problems of Athens. It's a village filled with family history, local organic produce, seasonal living, traditions and perseverance. Life in the village is simple. You cover time in between meals gossiping, visiting neighbors, having some frappe and ouzo, or simply napping through the hottest hours of the day. Meals are always homemade and preferably served al fresco during the cool mornings and evenings. After dinner, everyone enjoys a nightcap in the plateia before stumbling home.

Many Greek families immigrated to North America decades ago, but they never left their connection to Skoura. New generations have held on to family homes, returning each summer to catch up, share stories and celebrate life events together. Although my latest trip was brief (including an afternoon in Athens and a stop in Skoura's sister village of Varvitsa for Panagiotis), it was definitely worth the trek. You can never spend enough time with family.