Mont Saint-Michel

I visited Paris for a few days last month to hang out with some good friends and old Deloitte colleagues. Rather than spend the entire weekend in the city, we decided to take a day-trip out to Mont Saint-Michel on Saturday. Getting there and back isn't all that easy. Shout out to Kristen, our gracious host, for organizing the entire day! You have to take a 2 hour train out to the town of Rennes where you then catch an hour bus to the famous site. More importantly, make sure to get out there as early as possible to avoid the afternoon crowds.

Given the landmark's growing popularity, large tourist groups are unavoidable. Most will recommend you stay overnight to get a more authentic, undisturbed feel for the island commune. The scene changes dramatically throughout the day as the tides fall and rise. Shortly after we arrived, the dry terrain surrounding the island quickly filled as the tides moved in. Regardless, the site of the hilltop abbey jutting abruptly from its flat surroundings is spectacular.