Rae + Kurt

My sister and her now husband, Kurt, were married this past May. After much debate (and a bit of lost sleep I'm sure!) on the location, Rae and Kurt decided to host the wedding festivities in Dallas. Many of their friends had never visited, so what better time to bring everyone together in the city they love and the city they now call home?

The 3-day affair mixed up the traditional order a bit. It started with an intimate wedding ceremony at home on Thursday evening followed by an arrival party ("rehearsal dinner"), formal reception and send-off breakfast over the remainder of the weekend. Dallas is typically very dry in May, so every event was planned for the outdoors. Who would have guessed that Texas would experience weeks of torrential downpour and one of the wettest months ever recorded? Thankfully, the clouds seemed to part and the rain held off just long enough each day for everything to go forward as planned.

To see my sister marry the man she loves will always be a special moment in my life, and to be there with Rae and Kurt's closest family and friends made it truly unforgettable. 


A beautiful, simple backyard ceremony at home with Rae & Kurt's closest friends and family. Intimate, personal and all about the little details. Outdoor ceremony followed by passed hors d'oeuvres on the patio, a table of some choice whisky and a delicious family-style dinner prepared in the kitchen by chef Graham Dodds.

Timelapse video created by Kurt Johnson


Arrival Party

A homecoming for some and a first time visit to Dallas for others. The evening was all about bringing friends together for a fun, relaxing Texas-style affair. BBQ, margaritas and donuts (courtesy of Glazed Donut Works) made for an indulgent night at the historic Belmont Hotel



The main event. An unforgettable evening at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Downtown Dallas. Guests were free to roam the garden, cocktails in hand, and explore the works of art. Once the sun set and guests were fed, it was time to dance. No wedding is complete without a bit of Taylor Swift. 

Timelapse video created by Kurt Johnson