Alcázar of Seville

After 2 long days (and nights) of watching Easter processions march through the city, we finally squeezed in some time to check out the top sights in Seville. Read any travel guide or article, and you will know that the Real Alcázar (Royal Palace) is a "must see". Within its walls, you can almost relive the storied history of the Andalusian capital.


The palace epitomizes the mudéjar architectural style. Every little detail and finishing showcases the Muslim and Christian cultures that have left their mark on this city throughout the centuries. The beautiful, geometric arches that line each interior courtyard are a perfect example of Moorish architecture, while the expansive, ornate garden transplants visitors to the Spanish Golden Age. You would assume these vastly different styles would clash with one another. Instead, they seem to blend together perfectly and create something truly unique. Its no wonder why numerous scenes from this season's Game of Thrones were filmed here

Like any top attraction, be prepared for large crowds. You can save yourself a lot of time waiting in line at the entrance by purchasing your ticket online in advance. The best time to visit is early in the morning when tour groups haven't made their way to the Alcázar yet. Those first thirty minutes are unbeatable. Its as if you get the palace to yourself, with no annoying selfie sticks and iPad photographers to obstruct your view. Once the crowds start piling in, make your way to the gardens where you can easily get lost for hours.