With travel picking up aggressively in April and May, we decided to keep things low key and stay in the city this past weekend. However, after spending all day Saturday at home, I started getting a bit restless (as I often do). We made a game time decision that evening and headed east to Hackney for a bite at #HawkerHouse. Coincidentally, we ran into our good friends, Courtney & Peter, who found themselves facing a similarly quiet weekend. 

The 3-floor venue plays host to various food stalls, from tacos and filipino street food to foie gras burgers and coconut ice cream. If you're really hungry, your best bet is to arrive between 5 - 7 PM while the entry fee is waived and the crowds are sparse. As the night progresses, you can peer out the windows at the lengthening queue weaving down the block. 

Beyond the delicious food, make sure to try your hand at whisky roulette. Everyone is a winner in this game. For £8, you get one spin. Depending on what number you land on, you will get a glass of whisky ranging from Oban Single Malt to The Lost Blend. Frankly, I don't remember much after our go at the wheel. It was that kind of "low key" night. 

The seasonal indoor food fest is put on by Street Feast every saturday but is slated to end its 10 week run this week. With summer on the horizon, the events will be moving outdoors to neighboring locations in Dalston and Shoreditch.