Earlier this month, my old New York-based Google team spent a week in Dublin. The trip was an award for winning a sector-wide competition in 2014. Considering they were now only a 50 minute flight away, how could I turn down the opportunity to meet them there for a few days? 

On the last full day of the trip, we took an excursion to Howth - a small seaside village right outside Dublin. The town is easy to get to via public transportation. The D.A.R.T. rail takes you from the Tara Street station in downtown Dublin to Howth in less than 30 minutes. Once there, you can easily navigate the town by foot and explore dozens of local restaurants, cafes and shops. 


The highlight of the excursion was a short hike along the coast of the peninsula. The walking trail runs along the edge and follows the treacherous cliffs that jut out into the sea. On a clear, sunny day, you will be treated to spectacular views of waves crashing against the rocky coastline and tiny islands sitting on the horizon. 

You can start your hike either right from the Howth train station, or you can opt to take a bus to the summit. From there, follow the walking path up north as it winds back into town. If you choose to ride the bus, it should take you roughly an hour to make it to Howth. Of course, there are also other options if you have the time for a longer hike

At the end of your hike, you can take a break at The Cliff Stop - a tiny shack (for lack of a better word) that serves up some simple drinks and snacks for the weary traveler.