Top of Edinburgh

There are few cities in Europe as picturesque as Edinburgh, particularly on a (rare) sunny day. Beyond its Georgian and medieval architecture, the city is also blessed with dramatic landscapes everywhere you look. For the city's most breathtaking views, make sure to visit 3 of Edinburgh's most prominent "peaks": Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat. 

Calton Hill is the easiest to reach of the three. Situated at the end of Princes Street, the hill offers beautiful views of Old Town and New Town. Perhaps the Scottish capital's most famous landmark (and tourist attraction), Edinburgh Castle is literally perched atop the city. Brave the crowds and slowly make your way up to the castle via the Royal Mile

The only way to truly appreciate Edinburgh's unspoiled natural beauty is a visit to Holyrood Park. This sprawling, historic park is home to the city's highest point, Arthur's Seat. Don't rush to the top though. The park has some great hiking paths that wind up and down windswept hills, dormant volcanoes and rugged landscapes. 

Below are some photos from our most recent trip to Edinburgh. Enjoy!