2 Minutes in Jordan

I booked award flights to Jordan months in advance after earning my British Airways companion voucher. Many of my family and friends thought I was crazy for traveling to the Middle East. To be quite honest, I was pretty nervous myself given the country's close proximity to Syria. Thankfully, my worries were completely unfounded and we never felt unsafe during our 4 day trip.

It's sad to see how regional instability has impacted this peaceful, beautiful country. Tourism - one of Jordan's most important economic drivers - has taken a massive hit in recent years. Based on my personal experience, I strongly recommend others to consider Jordan for their next holiday destination. From Amman and Wadi Rum to Petra and the Dead Sea, there's a plethora of unforgettable attractions in this relatively compact country.

I'll be sharing some more photos and thoughts from our vacation in future posts. For now, here's our entire Jordanian holiday summed up in 2 minutes!