Wynwood, Miami

I just returned (to chilly London) from a weekend in Miami for the #Jacobenholz wedding. Having last visited just a few months prior in July, I wasn't expecting to return so soon. However, who can resist some 80° beach weather in the dead of winter? 

I made a brief stop Miami's art hub of Wynwood during my last trip, At that time, my main purpose for visiting was to get my caffeine fix at Panther Coffee. However, I was immediately drawn to Wynwood's laid back vibe and eye catching street art. This time around, I thankfully managed to spend much more time wandering the neighborhood and discovering its endless walls of public art. 

There are numerous ways to explore the area. Wynwood Art Walk offers guided art and food tours on weekends. In my case, we decided to check off 2 boxes by running through Wynwood as a part of marathon training. The area is easy to navigate and road traffic is typically pretty minimal. At first glance, the neighborhood can seem a bit sketchy. It's not. Just don't be surprised to see a chic brunch spot and an abandoned warehouse side by side. It's a part of Wynwood's appeal. 


As for the street art, you can easily spend hours exploring side streets and back alleys. Nearly every building in the neighborhood serves as an artist's canvas. However, I was equally enamored by those aforementioned abandoned warehouses. Their bleak white walls (covering up years of graffiti) pop against the clear, blue skies. 

If you tire from walking, there are dozens of great cafes, bars and restaurants dotting the neighborhood. In addition to Panther Coffee, make sure to hit up Kush Wynwood for some locally brewed beer and grub and Brick House for a late night drink.