Throwback Thursday: Underground Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city. With a seemingly endless supply of green space and waterways, the Swedish capital perfectly blends into its natural surroundings. Yet ironically, one of Stockholm's coolest and most inspiring features is its subway system below ground. From the glowing red walls of Solna Centrum to the cavernous tunnels at Rådhuset, every station is uniquely designed. That's why many call T-Bana the longest art exhibit in the world. 

For the price of a single metro ride, you can literally visit every single station. It won't take long either, as Stockholm's subway system is very efficient. Just make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to explore each stop and take photos. If you're really short on time, check out this guide for a quick 30 minute tour of some notable stops.  

Below are a few subway shots from my trip to Stockholm this past May. For more photos from the entire trip, click below for the full gallery.